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ETS Velocity HP1000 For Sale $8,999

We now have a refurbished 2008 ETS Velocity HP1000 high pressure tanning bed for sale priced at only $8,999.   This price includes delivery, setup and 90 day warranty from our factory to most places in the USA.  We offer free installation to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.  We bring every unit back to our factory and have our guys service and repair any unacceptable items like:used HP Velocity 1000 for sale cracked tanning acrylics, replacement lamps, or worn struts and shocks.  Please call 800-667-9189 or email us here for more information and photos of the actual unit we will be installing for you (stock photo shown here will not change). 

If you are not familiar with this show stopper made by ETS Tans of Indiana. The Velocity HP1000 boasts 4 of the 1000 watt high pressure and 14 of the  of the 8000 watt high pressure tanning bulbs which provides 100% UVA light and 0% of the harmful UVB rays.  This means a person must have a deep, dark tan to properly utilize this level 5 tanning bed. The customer is "suspended in mid-air" by the floating acrylic to achieve a best tan in a 15 minute session time.  This "open-air" feeling will accommodate the most claustrophobic of customers and the cool design will give customers a reason to pass other salons on the way to yours.  Call 800-667-9189 , email us here and download important documents like the Velocity User Manual below.  Please read the electrical requirements for this big guy before considering for your salon, automated spa or wellness center.  A large 8' x 10' room and special ventilation is also required for proper installation.

User Manual for ETS Velocity HP1000     ETS Velocity HP1000 pre-install manual