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Red Light Therapy Bed Reviews

Scroll below to read our red light therapy bed reviews.  If you have not heard of "red light treatment", you may be astonished to learn we do not need medications and surgery to repair our bodies, only natural light and magnetism.  Recent NASA revelations about the 3 year  mission to Mars explained that humans would die in space from radiation, zero gravity and lack of sunlight if precautions were not taken.  It seems our carbon based bodies require regular doses of sun light to remain healthy so they are implementing "photo bio stimulation" in deep space to maintain astronauts' health.  NASA will administer light therapy using LED lights at varying color and frequency to "stimulate" human cell growth on board space crafts and actually repair tissue.  Read more here about the healing power of light.

To summarize, the studies have shown red light emitted at 633nm will create collagen and 866nm will restore damaged tissue cells four times faster than normal, for example.  This same type of  photo light treatment technology is now available to earthlings in salons and homes in various configurations from hand-held devices to entire beds like those pictured below.  This web page attempts to give you brief reviews of each type of red light therapy bed on the market today:

Rejuvasun by ETS Tans of Indiana (no longer in production)

The Rejuvasun was made be ETS Tans of Indiana from aboutETS Rejuvasun 332 red light therapy bed 2006 to 2010 and is no longer in production but you can find them for about $3k to $6k on the secondary market.  The Rejuvasun is the only "hybrid" tanning bed and red light therapy bed in one ever built to our knowledge with FDA approval.  The long tubes are UV tanning bulbs and the facial area contains red LED lights emitting light at 632nm.  This is the ONLY red light treatment bed certified in states which require class II medical devices like Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina, Florida, Texas and California. 

This means, if you have a health inspector visit your salon on a regular basis and they actually look at labels on your equipment, then the Rejuvasun is the ONLY red light bed they will approve.  We live in Florida and have sold red light therapy beds to every state over the past several years and know this to be fact.  By contrast, the units shown below are NOT approved by the FDA and would be refused by an inspector.

If a company claims to have approval please request their approval number and verify it on the FDA website.  Blanket approval of LED devices do not cover these class 2 medical devices.

Tanning Bed Conversions (home made)

Illustrated here is a typical tanning bed that has been converted for red light treatmentthis is a photo of a red light therapy bed.  You can learn how to convert a tanning bed to red light therapy here.  Basically, UV lamp manufacturer's have back-fitted red light technology into their existing UV tube configurations for tanning beds. 

Therefore, you can find any old 20 minute bed with no facials and install red light treatment bulbs at 633nm to create your own red light therapy bed for at home use.  This process is not approved from the FDA for commercial use but at home use is fine. 

There are no harmful side effects of red light therapy and blanket approvals for other LED style devices are given each day.  The FDA approval process is simply to have manufacturer's specifications on file when a complaint is made to the FDA regarding a device.  More info...

ESB, Dr Mercola, and other non-FDA approved Tanning Bed Conversions

dr mercola red light bedPictured here is Dr Mercola's version of a red light therapy bed.  Once again, this is a tanning bed housing with red light therapy bulbs installed.  This unit will not pass inspection in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Iowa and North Carolina because it has not been commercially registered with the FDA.  

This unit works like any other tanning bed conversion and provides the same benefits.  Perfect for at home use.  You can buy used red light beds like this here.

Red LED Therapy Beds

photo of a infrared LED red light therapy bedDid we forget from 8th grade science class the fact human cells are similar to plant cells, in which they contain mitochondria?  If you remember correctly, mitochondria is a "light activated" component of cells and a basic building block of life.  When a certain spectrum of light at a specific frequency activate mitochondria, the cells spit, divide and grow.  In the case of skin cells, collagen is released, filling in fine lines and wrinkles.  Collagen also helps repair elbow and knee joints by restoring the "glue" which holds everything together, relieving symptoms of arthritis.  Read more about photo light therapy and the healing of light here.

Pictured here is an artist's rendition of the future of photo light therapy.  Light treatment beds will soon have strips of LEDs emitting light photons at different color and frequencies.  The operator can program red lights for the skin, blue light for acne, infra-red light to promote the healing process.  We currently have an LED therapy bed in the FDA approval process and hope to have it available for marketing to the general public soon. To learn more of this exciting new business opportunity, please call 800-667-9189 today.