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Buy 24 tanning bed replacement bulbs in one kit for only $295.  Price includes free shipping, insurance, and a free gift! Click here for more information.

Sun Ergoline Excellence 800/850 for Sale

We are selling a used 2008 Sun Ergoline Excellencephoto of a used Ergoline Excellence 850 850 model tanning bed for only $10,995.  This price includes delivery, setup and 90 day warranty from our factory.  This big guy boasts 51 of the 160 watt bronzing lamps with 4 of the 520 watt high pressure bulbs in a 12 minute max session time.  Additional features are molded body acrylic, accent lighting, body and facial cooling with built-in air conditioning system.  Can be wired in single or three phase power.   We bring every unit back to our factory and have our guys service and repair any unacceptable items like: cracked acrylics, replacement lamps, or worn shocks and other old parts.  Please call 800-667-9189 or email us here for more information and more recent photos about the used Sun Ergoline Excellence 850 for sale pictured here.  We also buy or sell the Excellence 800 models and offer free pick up and delivery in most parts of the USA.