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We Refurbish Used Tanning Beds

This website provides a list of used tanning beds refurbished by a new tanning bed builder called American Quality Manufacturing.  All automated spa and wellness center equipment we sell is carefully inspected with repairs done as necessary prior to delivery and installation.  We only refurbish what we consider the best of the best of indoor tanning salon equipment  and base buying decisions on the availability of parts and supplies. 

American Quality is a Florida-based manufacture who makes old-school, life-time guaranteefind used tanning beds for sale here stuff under the Tropical Rayz brand and upscale equipment originating in Canada called Royal Sun.  Due to lack of new tanning bed sales, AQM now buys and sells the Sun Ergoline brand, which is the world's leader and most expensive brand, but their space-age designs prove their worth. 

We refurbish these brand names from Sun Ergoline: Ergoline Excellence, Ambition 200, Advantage 400, and Soltron M60 brands from the Sun Ergoline company.  ETS Tans has recently closed their doors after selling thousands of their machines in North America for 20 years.  Brand names like Star Power 548, Sunscape SS755 and 756V, and HP Velocity 1000 are a few of the brands you can feel comfortable buying today because of the availability of parts and the shear numbers of these models sold over the past 10 years.

To read more about the refurbished models ready for immediate delivery, please click on any active or underlined link below.  If there is no underline, then we do not currently have that particular model in stock.  Call 800-667-9189 or email us here for a list of our current inventory.

Most Recent Inventory of Used Tanning Beds for Sale

please click on a link above to read more or call 800-667-9189 for more information